Assisting families in living with, through, and beyond cancer

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The Shelly Sachs Foundation is a 501c3/W9 nonprofit organization  assisting families living with, through and beyond cancer. The foundation is in loving memory of Shelly Sachs and was created by Aaron Sachs and his children to assist families fighting cancer.  The Foundation's purpose is to offer comfort to those who suffer with the burden of cancer.  Cancer not only changes the patient but also the lives of their families. Cancer patients may suffer tremendous hardship emotionally and financially. We hope to take some of that worry and burden away from them.




  • Aaron William Sachs

  • Dr. Robert Ellis 

  • Laura Dannegger


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Shelly Sachs Foundation


“The journey can be overwhelming and very dark and sometimes you feel invisible but that’s when you have to step out and look around at all the people who have extended their hand to you and giving you hope and that’s what Shelly Sachs Foundation did for me.”



"I just wanted to take a few minutes to say how much the grant helped me.  I just recently found out I have Metastatic  Breast Cancer. I am raising two of my grandkids, ages 11 and 14.  It is a hard road to go down but thankfully with prayers and your help, it has eased the burden.  I am sorry for your loss of Shelly, once again.  Thank you, words cannot say how grateful I am."

With love, Ruth